Fiqry choerudin

I am a software/frontend developer with 1 year of experience (professional), I'm very passionate about technology and computers. I am reliable, can work in a team, and can learn quickly my interests are in frontend development. In my free time, I enjoy music, gaming, and reading. As well, I love to travel and see new places and meet new people.

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more info : npx fiqryq or download My CV


  • Working as frontend developer at Kitabisa.


  • Working as frontend developer at Direktorat Pusat Teknologi Informasi Telkom University.
  • Join waveast mentorship.
  • Start learning reactjs.
  • 2nd Place of making applications for the telkom university birthday event.


  • Make small group programming called suncode.
  • Start freelance job using codeigniter 4.
  • Graduate from telkom university (Informatic enginering) with GPA 3.38.
  • Jan - Apri Intern as assets designer on Vallet (startup).


  • Junior Graphic Design instructor Digital Talent Scholarship at Telkom University.


  • Head of research lab Multimedia Fakultas Ilmu Terapan Telkom University.
  • Intern at Inovasi Semesta Ilmu (INOSI).


  • I was born 🥚